Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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 “Malamala Day Trip!”

“Great Team!!… Very friendly… Malamala was Amazing great swim area and very yummy food and drinks. Will definitely be coming back to SeaFiji. Thanks for an awesome experience”.

Chand Family

“Snorkeling trip”

We did the snorkeling trip off south beach Mana Island. It cost $F45 each and our group had four people. We boated to North Reef and were completely surprised by the water clarity and the magnificant displays of coral. We paddled for ages just admiring the colours of the coral and the array of different fish species. We have been to the Great Barrier Reef, and maybe not to the best there, but what we saw off Mana Island was just excellent. The boat crew were friendly but not overly chatty, but that was ok.

John D, Newcastle, Australia


“Hidden Gem! Shhh don’t tell everyone!”

SeaFiji are an amazing smaller and more personalised charter service for those wanting to avoid the large flocks of bogan tourists on the overpacked and crowded day trips chartered by the larger operators. SeaFiji actually care of their customers, whilst the larger operators tend to treat you like dollar signs and pack you in like sardines. Best of all, they’re cheaper than the large operators with by far the best and most genuine customer service, flexibility and timeliness. We loved SeaFiji’s as they travel to each island directly! cutting your travel time in half and most importantly, they get you there before all the feral crowds arrive on the larger operators. More time for relaxation and getting the best daybed on the island! This was especially key to enjoying Cloud9.

ps: The young petite girl is absolutely lovely and keeps it real! A refreshing change from the fake ‘smiles’ of the larger operators.